Smart Parking

Cherry Creek Shopping Center’s top priority is to make sure customers have the best possible experience. This includes having easy access to parking and entrance to the shopping center. To help ensure this, we have invested in an innovative Smart Parking program that provides numerous conveniences.  At each parking entry point customers instantly know space availability within the decks and surface lots through digital signs, and are directed to the most convenient spaces. In addition to the space location technology, customers can quickly locate their parked vehicle by accessing kiosks stationed at various mall pedestrian exits or by visiting the Find My Car website.


Read the Smart Parking Fact Sheet and press release.


What are the rates to  park at Cherry Creek Shopping Center?

Cherry Creek Shopping Center parking rates are among the lowest in the surrounding area. Parking during the first hour is complimentary, up to 2 hours is $3, up to 3 hours is $4, and an additional hour after that is $2 (daily max of $16).


Where do customers pay and what forms of payment are accepted?

A variety of quick and easy payment options will be available to customers including cash (no coins), credit or debit cards. All will be accepted at the parking management kiosks conveniently located at the various mall pedestrian exits.


Why did Cherry Creek Shopping Center transition to a paid, Smart Parking program?

The Cherry Creek neighborhood continues to experience incredible growth and available parking is scarce. The result is that the shopping center’s parking decks/lots are heavily used by customers, but also by those not shopping at the center. Our top priority is to make sure our customers have the best possible experience when they visit. This includes having easy access to parking and entrance to the mall, so the implementation of this parking program became essential.


How does it work?
1. Take a ticket upon entry to one of the shopping center’s parking decks or surface lots.
2. Follow digital signage to an open parking space.

3. Remember to take the ticket with you as you shop and dine.
4. Before returning to your car, pay at one of the 27 pay-on-foot kiosks stationed at various pedestrian exits. Kiosks also provide an option to locate a parked vehicle via the Find Your CarTM feature. Credit cards and currency (no coins) are accepted at these pay stations.
5. Once paid, quickly pass through the exit gates without having to stop. If for some reason the gate does not automatically activate, customers may need to insert the paid ticket as an exit pass. If a customer forgets to pay at the pay on foot station, they may use a credit card to pay at gate.


When did paid parking begin?

Parking rates went into effect January 17, 2017.


What are the benefits of the Smart Parking program?

There are many benefits to the new program that our customers will appreciate. Ease of finding a parking space and quickly locating a parked vehicle, advanced wayfinding technology, multiple payment options and less traffic congestion as shoppers won’t have to drive around searching for open spaces.


Will you charge for parking during neighborhood festivals and events?

Community events are very important to us and our neighbors, so we intend to waive parking fees during the Cherry Creek Fresh Markets, Cherry Creek Arts Festival and Cherry Creek Sneak.

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